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  1. Hello everyone, today we had an internal clan meeting, if you didn’t see this meeting then you were not active enough to be invited to it. Everyone that was in the internal meeting today talked about the clan inactivity, we all agreed that we won’t tolerate any inactivity in the clan anymore, now actions will be taken upon. Do not take it personal but we all decided that MVP has to improve and that now it’s chance for you to show us that you care and want to help us succeed as a community. - Multi Gamemodes We also decided that we will close all other Gamemode teams in MVP for now due to no interest in them from most of the team, no clue if they will return and if there is going to be any updates, we will let you know about it. - Roster update KnX promoted to Leader *More to come* Anyone else that is inactive will be removed from the clan.
  2. mvpCrawler: do you are have stupid
  3. |-XpR-|xAUDI: my gf said her uncle was better