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  2. name , age , country : Broken , ahmed , 13 , living in algeria Mta career : Started from 2016 Clans: There's no clan offcially i joined but i have many clans isn't offcial like [ -DG - Dream Ghosts ( left) ] Why you would like join with us: basiclly , it is good clan for me to improve my self and skills then i can help us with my english and i ll be the active memeber in this clan so i hope to be accepted ^^ Discord: BrokeN#4643 best regards , broken
  3. Although, in the near future, it is more likely to use engines with cheap fuel. Something like fuel from recycled waste, etc. Of course, for manned missions to other planets, they will try to create something new and more effective. But it is unlikely that such work will be done to send satellites, probes, etc. It seems to me that we will use rockets that can be launched from a mobile spaceport. For example, Skylark Micro rocket from Skyrora.
  4. The authors of the study, prepared for the International Congress of Astronautics, believe that the "Kessler effect" is not a cause for concern for ten years. They also insist that new in-orbit games must be developed today. However, the intrigue is that in the future such rules may be needed not only for the orbit. As astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell notes, humanity has sent robots throughout the solar system. As a result, we have more than 700 abandoned objects in the orbit of the Sun, on the surface of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Titan, etc.
  5. Due to the fact that scientists are concerned about the problem of Kessler syndrome, space companies have begun their journey to participate in orbit cleanup. Some suggest capturing debris in orbit using construction-like foam nets. There are many ideas, for example, Skyrora offers a reusable space tug. The device has already passed ground tests. I liked this thing because it is the closest to reality at the moment. Do you think we need to clean up in orbit?
  6. We see a bunch of news similar to: Rolls Royce and Boeing are working on a nuclear rocket engine. Scientists at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory have confirmed the possibility of a plasma engine that can accelerate a rocket up to 10 times faster than it is now. Etc. But there is no real use of these developments. For now. But what if we could to speed up our rockets to 200000 m/h? Would it change the world here on Earth?
  7. Preservance and Ingenuity will reach Mars orbit on February 18th. The United States will be the first country to attempt to launch a flying vehicle into the atmosphere of the Red Planet. Perseverance and Ingenuity will assess the viability of Mars, search for biosignatures and conduct tests for the production of oxygen from the atmosphere. All this will be carried out in preparation for disembarking a person. Would Ingenuity be suitable for use in any other extreme environment besides Martian?
  8. Rocket engines are one of the pinnacles of technological progress. Materials working to the limit, hundreds of atmospheres, thousands of degrees and hundreds of tons of thrust - this is amazing. But there are many different engines, which ones are the best? At the end of the second decade of the XXI century. all rocket engines used in military rockets and all spacecraft launch vehicles are chemical. There are also nuclear, electrical, plasma (the only prototype still in development) and a hypothetical photon engine. Do you think humanity has a chance to see practical applications of the plasma engine in the next 20 years?
  9. I don't like this mission. This seems like a waste of resources to me. Such projects have no benefit for humanity. Yes, the space sector is now at a very high level. But there are much more promising directions. For example, global satellite Internet, the launch of meteorological satellites, etc.
  10. Hello everyone, today we had an internal clan meeting, if you didn’t see this meeting then you were not active enough to be invited to it. Everyone that was in the internal meeting today talked about the clan inactivity, we all agreed that we won’t tolerate any inactivity in the clan anymore, now actions will be taken upon. Do not take it personal but we all decided that MVP has to improve and that now it’s chance for you to show us that you care and want to help us succeed as a community. - Multi Gamemodes We also decided that we will close all other Gamemode teams in MVP for now due to no interest in them from most of the team, no clue if they will return and if there is going to be any updates, we will let you know about it. - Roster update KnX promoted to Leader *More to come* Anyone else that is inactive will be removed from the clan.
  11. Lets see who we are playing with. Ill start of with my fresh phub mask
  12. ffg.barnessxuwu: black little kurwa ffg.barnessxuwu: ye, you black
  13. MvP'Nebula: I was just going to say im older than your grand mother
  14. mvpCrawler: do you are have stupid
  15. |-XpR-|xAUDI: my gf said her uncle was better
  16. 3R|Twistty': Why is the left side so left?
  17. Hello! This is my new map with LyCry. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂
  18. Oh god.. Cant wait to read 100 quotes of me, calling myself fat
  19. How do you like the SpaceX Mars Mission? Is it worth to watch the Mission in the future
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